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Who is the Author?

My name is Jermaine. Since 2011, I've worked in online marketing, specializing in data analytics, web development, and AI. My interest in philosophy and history, particularly Stoicism—which I embraced before even knowing its name—inspired me, despite my non-religious views, to find value in the books of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes for their life lessons.

Why Does AskProverbs Exist?

Human nature has remained constant despite technological advancements and evolving social norms. Traits like greed and envy persist, mirroring the self-destructive habits documented in ancient texts. Proverbs and Ecclesiastes, from the Old Testament, utilize vivid language to emphasize wisdom and the pitfalls of vanity, positioning them as quintessential guides for personal betterment.

On each chapter page, verses are accompanied by insightful commentaries and sermons. If available, you can click the icon to expand and view these enriching details. Following the verse text, the page offers Wikipedia commentary and philosophical comparisons, providing a broader understanding of the chapter's themes.

Utilization of AI

AskProverbs does employ Artificial Intelligence technology to perform clustering of chapters, summarizing and paraphrasing content, and to make textual comparisons. This is mainly done by using semantic similarity techniques on the New World Edition biblical text, Wikipedia content, and transcriptions of YouTube videos. To reduce hallucinations and biases when an LLM is used, prompts are carefully constructed to only take into consideration provided text sources and to output answers as an agnostic philosopher.


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